Comprehensive Planning

Staying Power

With your aspirations at stake, you don’t need a wealth management team that will put your financial plan on auto­pilot. You need a firm that partners with you - a team that monitors your financial progress, updates you regularly on your portfolio status and proactively advises you on future action. It’s one of the advantages of our size and location: Midtown Financial Advisors can give you the personal attention your financial situation deserves.

At the heart of all we do is the belief that proper investment management, retirement planning, trust and estate planning are all by­products of sound, attentive financial planning. As you trust us to manage your financial well­being, we invest our time, attention and energy in you, making sure you are always informed and prepared.

Set Goals. Make Plans.

  • What’s important to you in life?
  • Where are you headed, personally and financially?
  • Why do you want a financial plan?

What and who we love determine both our personal and financial goals. We want the best for our children, so we plan for their college educations. We want to provide for our families, so we set up trusts and estate plans. We love to travel, so we set up savings accounts and retirement funds.

You know that financial planning is about so much more than just allocating dollars. It’s about determining what is most important to you, examining your present course, and navigating uncertain waters effectively.

From Start to Finish

  • How do I even begin saving for retirement?
  • How do I save for retirement when I’m facing major debt?
  • How can I recover lost retirement funds without working longer?
  • What assurance can I have that my retirement is secure?

Questions about retirement run the full spectrum of concerns. We advise everyone from early career­-aged individuals just starting out to almost retirees ready to enter the next stage of their lives.

When you bring your concerns to us, you expect us to provide wise counsel and tangible results for you. It’s why we consider our retirement planning services as part of a comprehensive understanding of your overall financial plan and health. We think about your questions in the context of your life situation, your hopes for the future and your past financial decisions.

Plan for Retirement

As part of a comprehensive plan to help you chart a path to retirement success, we’ll assess your retirement goals:

  • How old do you want to be when you retire?
  • What sort of lifestyle do you expect to maintain while in retirement?
  • What financial decisions have you made in the past that will either help or hinder your retirement planning?
  • What steps do you need to take to repair any past financial damage?
  • How can you best invest your money?
  • What steps should you take to make sure you are ready for retirement when the time comes? Are there any lifestyle changes you need to make?
  • What do you need to know about effective saving?
  • How can you plan for the unexpected?

Risk Management Strategies

Protecting yourself, your loved ones, your home or your business against unexpected events is a fundamental aspect of financial planning. Closing the gap on potential risks can be tricky without a comprehensive plan and process that methodically evaluates all potential risk factors.

That’s why risk analysis is an integral part of our ongoing process. We continually identify and analyze all risk factors and make objective and unbiased recommendations with the goal to provide you with the confidence you seek.

Education Planning

Whether you’re paying tuition costs now or saving for a future goal, it’s important to ensure that your education strategy is compatible with working towards your retirement income and related financial objectives. Tax considerations and retirement income needs must be weighed and evaluated before choosing a specific strategy. It’s important to remember that while education expenses can be funded through borrowing, retirement expenses cannot.

Since we’re an independent firm, we’re under no pressure to recommend proprietary education savings programs or investment products. Our only concern is which program best meets your needs. The following are among the most popular education savings plans available today:

  • 529 Plans
  • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts
  • Uniform Gifts to Minors Act
  • Uniform Transfers to Minors Act

The Right Tools

On our advisory team, we have members who carry both the CFP® and the CTFA designations. We utilize MoneyGuidePro planning software to aid us in the planning process. According to the 2012 Tech Survey conducted by Financial Planning Magazine, MoneyGuidePro is the most commonly used financial planning software package in the nation[i]. In addition to MoneyGuidePro, we also utilize the NextPhase income planning tool to help clients develop a retirement strategy designed to insulate clients’ income producing assets from market volatility, and decreases the likelihood that you outlive your assets.

Start the Conversation

Financial planning makes it possible for you to set, plan for and realize goals. Financial stability today and foresight for the future are as much about knowing what you want as they are about providing for yourself and your family, preparing for retirement and paying it forward to the next generation. Contact our advisors at 336-790-2070 to find out more about how we can help you with your goals.

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