Corporate Benefits

Employee and Executive Benefits

Our Firm specializes in helping employers assess the options for their corporate retirement programs. Competitive retirement plans are critical to attracting and retaining quality employees.

We will create a plan centered around your employee's needs and available resources. We work with your tax and legal advisors to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the available choices.

Our consolidated approach to benefits planning will lower your overall costs, eliminate duplication of your staff's efforts, and increase their efficiency. Our knowledge and experience will help you ascertain and implement the correct plan design and provide ongoing service to administrators and employees.

Plan Sponsor Support

We provide our plan sponsors (employers) with:

  • Guidance in creating and maintaining a diversified menu of investment options
  • Comparison of your plan to industry benchmarks, so that you know how your plan rates against others
  • Monitoring of plan investments to reaffirm they are meeting investment policy criteria, reviewing your investment options on a quarterly basis
  • Reviews of fiduciary issues and ERISA law changes annually in order to keep your plan in compliance

Participant Support

We provide your participants (employees) with:

  • Education and motivation to maximize the value of their plan
  • Face-to-face meetings to discuss their investment choices
  • Goal setting for future deferral increases and proper planning

Informed participants make all the difference in how a plan operates. It will empower the employees, by helping them reach successful retirement, and the employers by meeting their fiduciary responsibilities. 

Retirement Plan Items of Interest

  • Benchmarking your plan
  • Meeting Your Fiduciary Responsibilities (DOL pub)
  • Understanding Retirement Plan Fees and Expenses
  • The Fiduciary Duty to Avoid Conflicts of Interest in Selecting Plan Service Providers
  • A Fiduciary Checkup May Be In Order For Your 401(k)
  • Disclosure Concerning Potential Conflicts of Interests
  • SEC Investor Bulletin: Target Date Retirement Funds
  • Bloomburg Law Report-ERISA Fiduciary Duty and Duty to Monitor
  • Choosing the right level of investment liability: 5 questions for plan sponsors
  • Target Date Retirement Funds Best Practices
  • Retirement Savings Crisis
  • Savers Credit

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